Gas Log Sales and Installation

What is the difference between vented and vent free systems?

Vented systems draw combustion air from the house and expel it via a chimney or a vent. 
Vent free systems do not require any venting to the outside of the home. 

What is a direct vent system?

Direct vent systems are vented but they draw their combustion air from the outside and then expel it to the outside of the home. 
There is no draw from the home's air space.

Are vent free systems safe?

Vent free systems are UL tested and listed as vent free space heaters. 
They are made to provide you with heat as well as look attractive as a fireplace or log set.  

How do I decide between vented, vent free, and direct vent?

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We will be happy to help you decide what is best for your needs. 
As a general guide, vent free systems are for heat, vented are for looks, and direct vents are for a combination of looks and heat.

Which is the most economically system to operate?

Vent free systems not only consume less gas while running, but they also provide you with lots of warmth since
none of the gas used in combustion is wasted up the chimney.  

How does installation vary among the three types of systems?

If you are just buying a log set to put in an existing fireplace, there are no modifications necessary to the fireplace
except the supply of a gas line.  If you are buying a vented or direct vent fireplace system, venting either through the wall or roof
will be required as well as a gas line.  If you are buying a vent free fireplace system, the unit simply needs to be set in place and a gas line provided.  

What is a fireplace insert?

Fireplace inserts (not be confused with log sets) are entire fireplace systems that are installed into existing masonry fireplaces. 
There are available as vented, direct vent, or vent free.  Options such as blowers and remote controls are available to customize your project.  People usually purchase inserts because they wish to update the look of their fireplace while at the same time making it more efficient to operate.

Do gas fireplaces require regular servicing?

Yes, but not much.  Usually, all that is needed is a yearly light cleaning and inspection.  This is usually something the homeowner can handle themselves.  However, we are also happy to provide this service.

Do gas fireplaces ever require chimney sweeping?

No, gas fireplaces produce no creosote unless the fireplace is equipped with a log lighter which burns regular wood. 


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